300 Drinking Game Rules

Official 300 Drinking rules:

Consumption of beverage will be done upon the following:
1) Mention of the word “Sparta” or its derivatives, e.g. Spartan
2) Any clear kill achieved by King Leonidas. These must be CLEAR kills (amputation counts as a kill). Kills are counted only with the spear or sword.
3) Hearing the chant of “AHH-OOO”. One finger per chant.

– Those drinking shots are not to engage with the first two points, as death will follow within 30 minutes of the film starting.
– Those not consuming alcohol during the screening, but plan to during BOP are required to consume a pod.

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  • You have to yell SPARTAAA as you chunder, similar to yelling PIKACHUUUU in the pokemon drinking game.

    MrStroppyninja July 23, 2020 3:46 pm Reply
  • hahaha me and sum friends just started this and they chanted ahh ooo literlly 8 times in the first minute

    TarikteamAKA July 23, 2020 3:46 pm Reply
  • You know there's already a game called Spartan that's been around for ages. It's pretty much like Centurion (100 shots in 100 minutes) but a big more hard core so you do 300 shots in 300 minutes. that's about 21 pints in 5 hours.

    pinkypete1989 July 23, 2020 3:46 pm Reply
  • 1) Basically if you're drinking shots of vodka, whiskey, tequila etc., you only need to abide by rules 3.
    2) Every time they do their shout/chant thing, is a drink. So when they say it 3 times in a row, it's 3 drinks.

    Wogle July 23, 2020 3:46 pm Reply
  • i didnt understand the note at the end about the last rule not engaging with the first 2 :S. also, wen they say ahh-roo ahh-rooo ah-roo is that 3 drinks or jus count as 1?

    Michael Sim July 23, 2020 3:46 pm Reply
  • i guessed that, but that's a lot of drinking for one go, isn't it?

    i'll try the game this weekend, dont remember right now, but i guess leonidas kills a lot of people 😛

    Fermixx July 23, 2020 3:46 pm Reply
  • You do each drink as each kill happens or count them up then drink the equivalent in one go.

    Wogle July 23, 2020 3:46 pm Reply
  • what happens when leonidas kills 7 guys one after another?

    you have to drink 7 cups in the lapse of seconds?

    Fermixx July 23, 2020 3:46 pm Reply
  • HELLS YEAH. plastered.

    Malachai75 July 23, 2020 3:46 pm Reply

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