*BUYER BEWARE*,Sword of Fortress The ONOMUZIM,Live Gameplay,Ps4 Pro

Time stamps below rant.

This game is so broken, it’s a open world with nothing in it. it’s just boss fights who can kill you in one hit. It does not matter how far you get, if you die you start All over, there is no save system. The combat controls are horrible. Okay… I’m done ranting ….. just wow.

5:01 1st boss fight (Sera)
9:30 2nd try at boss Sera
14:14 3rd try at boss Sera
19:50. 4th try at boss Sera by using arrows _______this time.
28:38 5th try at boss Sera
29:36 ____________________GLITCH death
33:48. 6th try at boss Sera
35:00 __________________GLITCH boss sliding
40:29 7th try and finally beat boss Sera
44:10 _____________GLITCH boss super jump
50:07 2nd boss fight (Suruat)

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  • Tnx for review, I was just planning to buy it.

    LastPixelBorn July 30, 2020 7:48 pm Reply
  • I was a little confused about what you meant when you said open world and nothing in it. But now i know. This game is worth 99 cents. it wouldn't even be a steal then, just a buy.

    Sergio S. July 30, 2020 7:48 pm Reply

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