TriBond from Winning Moves Games

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TriBond is the classic game of guessing the common bond between three things. The object is to correctly guess the answers to Threezers and win 10 cards. A Threezer is three words or names with a common bond. For example, the common bond between an elephant, a car, and a tree is that they all have trunks.

The rules are slightly different depending on if you’re playing with teams, two players, or five players. For team play, one player on the first team rolls the die and another player on the same team draws from the appropriate card deck, either the Threezer deck or the Challenge deck. If a square, star, circle, or triangle was rolled, the player reads the corresponding Threezer from the question side of a Threezer card. If his teammates guess correctly, they keep the card. If not, the card is placed at the back of the Threezer deck. (There is no time limit for a team to answer. However, Winning Moves Games says that if you want to play with a time limit, 30 seconds is enough time to wait for an answer.)

If a player rolls a C, the reader selects a card from the Challenge deck and picks any of the eight challenges to read aloud. Challenges are read slowly, one word at a time, and all players (except the reader) can guess the answer. The first team to yell out the correct answer wins.

If an asterisk is rolled, that means the player can choose to do a Threezer card or a Challenge card.

TriBond comes with 400 cards with 2,000 Threezers, a card tray, a die, and instructions. The game is for two or more players.


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